SAADD is a campaign to confront the problem of Distracted Driving.

Distracted Driving has increased carnage on American roads. And with the proliferation of cell phones, distracted driving has become an epidemic.

Driving is not a right. Driving is a privilege. Therefore it is inhumane to cause undue injuries and death to innocent others while abusing our driving privilege by texting, eating, drinking and ALL other distracted driving activities.

My name is John Zaboyan. Confronting my own difficulties head-on has been my own way of succeeding in life, as I had to Confront Myself every step of the way while completing a 1 hour and 39 minute grueling workout as shown in the video below.

So please Confront Yourself when you get into your car and be your own best. Be a law abiding and caring driver to spare your own life and innocent others from unnecessary suffering.